How do I create a template on the GLD-80?

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    I’m pretty new to the GLD-80. We’ve just bought one for our church and it’s proving to be a great desk. We have roughly the same setup each week but obviously tweaks get made each time. Lots of people will be on the desk from week to week so I’m wondering how I go about setting our default scene to be a template so that it can’t be deleted by accident. I know I can back it all up but I’d love to have a real solid template from which people can create their own scenes. Is this possible? I can see the templates that come with the desk from GLD but can’t see how to create one.

    Any ideas?

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    I’m not aware of a way of locking a scene, but what we do is make a copy of the default scene(s) with very high numbers so that they are hidden unless you explicitly scroll down there.

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    Nicola A&H

    I second Mike’s tip, but as you say you can also archive your current scenes and configuration into a Show (Setup / Memory / Show Manager / Store Show) so you have a restore point of the whole system.

    The other thing to look at is User Permissions. You can create up to 8 different User Profiles, password protect the Admin one, and prevent others’ access to certain settings and parameters, including Show memories and critical settings such as mix bus configuration, audio sync, network etc. You can also set a User Scene that gets recalled automatically every time the user logs in.

    Hope this helps.

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    Both really helpful – thank you! We don’t have many scenes (yet) so I think I’ll look at the user permissions. That sounds like it’ll help us to avoid accidental overwrites!

    Thanks again.

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    How come no one answered the question?
    I’ve been looking all over to find out how to make my own templates, like the factory ones, and cannot find the information anywhere. I thought I would find it here, but no. The question asked was clear enough, but the answers are unresponsive and side-tracked the discussion.
    Anyone knows how to make and save a scene.
    What was asked is how to make and install a custom TEMPLATE.
    Can’t people just answer a simple question, as asked?
    Why does it have to be so hard?

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    I’m afraid that is becuase there ISN’T a way to make a read only template like the factory templates. The above suggestions are offered as workarounds.

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    I can confirm that factory templates are hard coded. In fact, that code is generated from user libraries!


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    Issue everyone a flash drive with the show file on it. This way, nobody can do anything that will affect anyone else’s file, and they can store whatever they like without cluttering up the file system.


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