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    We received our SQ6 and used it with our AR2412 so far. We are now looking to get 48 tracks on stage and would be able to use the ME along with this setup . In the documentation there is not specified how to achieve this. The only thing I could find is thaht the ME is run on dsnake, therefor not working with dx. What about gigace? Please could you post possible hardware setups.

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    You can use a ar2412 and a ab168 to get 40 ch. I thougnt this is the max for dsnake.

    Other options i don’t know, at this moment i think that more isn’t possible

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    Here are the current options from a Q&A session a few months ago:

    A: With the planned introduction of DX Hub support, an SQ mixer can connect to three DX168 expanders for a total of 48 inputs at 96kHz. You can currently use an AR2412 with an AB168 connected to the expander port for a total of 40 inputs.

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    I have placed an order for an SQ5 and an SQ6 and I have ordered 2 DX1608s. I have been using Qu 16, Qu24 and a GLD112 successfully for a few years now. At present I have 2 AR2412s and a couple of AR0804s. That gives me a lot of flexibility sending out mixers for different jobs. I was in the process of selling these off but then noticed that the DX1608s can’t be daisy chained and doesn’t seem to have an ME1 output. having only 16 inputs at the stage end for a 48 channel mixer kind of defeats one of my main purposes in upgrading the stage boxes. I could consider the D-Live for bigger events once I sell the GLD but prefer the price, weight and footprint of the SQs. as I do a lot of corporate, schools and church work and relatively few festivals.

    What I want to do (preferably by June 2018) is to use the SQ6 as a GLD replacement, running 3 DX1608’s at the stage end of a CAT5E cable so I have between 40 and 48 mic inputs. Will the DX Hub allow me to do this or should I hold onto the GLD and AR stage boxes and just use the SQs for small events or alternatively settle for the AR2412s as stage boxes with 40 inputs. Is daisy chaining of the DX boxes likely to happen soon? If the DX bub works with 3 DX1608s then that’s not a problem as long as something allows me to use 40 plus inputs and a few outputs at the stage end.

    Also I was looking to buy 3 off ME1s for in ear monitors. Will the DX1608s support these after a firmware update in the future or off the DX hub? or again do I need to retain the AR2412s to run these. If so it kind of makes the DX1608s a bit superfluous.

    Looking forward to receiving the new mixers in a few weeks but with a bit of apprehension re the stage box flexibility. Apologies for the number of questions.

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