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    The Musical Tech

    So the situation, I’m working on a gig with the AV company I work for.

    There’s a band coming in who has their own tech for monitor mixes, but they’re having our guys (me) run FOH sound for them.

    We’re trying to use the GLD remote as an option to make it so we don’t have to send 12 input direct outs from the Digi-Snake to another mixer. So far it’s mostly working great, minus one feature.

    Is it possible to use Pre Fader Listen from the remote app? Not activate PAFL on the mixer (GLD 80) through the app, but actually listen through it?

    This could be the decision maker between us using a separate mixer or the GLD Remote.


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    No, but this can be done with a spare IEM system, or just with a wired headphone amp. Just go into the I/O screen and patch the PFL signal to a pair of outputs.


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    The GLDRemote app only sends and receives control signals and metering data. It doesn’t actually pass audio. Normally you’d just plug a wireless tx into the phones socket, walk around with the rx and ipad, and when you activate pafl on the ipad you hear it from the rx you’re carrying.

    Even if the app could pass audio, what would you do when you wanted to pafl something @ foh, and your monitor engineer wanted to pafl something else?

    One solution would be to have a spare bus, the output of which is plugged into whatever monitoring equipment is being used at the console. Freeze its fader in layers, and when whoever’s operating at the console wants to pafl something they just assign it to that bus using the mix+assign buttons. Whoever isn’t mixing at the console can use the dedicated pafl bus+ipad+wireless tx/rx setup.

    Edit: Beaten.

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    Could you do something like this with the new Dante Via software? I haven’t played with it so don’t know if it would work for sure but you might be able to use Dante Via so the iPad is an output on your Dante network and possibly patch the pfl or some other buss back to your iPad? Worth looking into.

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    Pit Lenz

    Looks like this is not possible.
    Here’s an answer from Dante Via’s FAQ:

    Can I use Dante Via over Wi-Fi?
    No – Dante does not support Wi-Fi, your networked devices must all be physically connected to the Dante network via Ethernet Cat5e or Cat6 cables across a compatible network switch.

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