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    Alright, this is a strange one.

    I turned on my GLD 80. Everything booted up as normal. The stage boxes are left on at all times, so there is no issue when connecting. The GLD said that it updated the firmware in the AR 2412. That was strange because the board has been running 1.42 for the past few months (I upgraded to 1.5 but there was a serious error and the board restarted. I decided to go back to 1.42). The AR 84 (connected to the AR 2412) also recovered from a QoS error. We also have several ME-1 units that are connected through the Monitor port on the AR 2412. Some units lost part of their config. By that, I mean that some of the keys were reset to unassigned and volume levels went all the way down. All ME-1 units have been on version 1.12 for the past month or so. After reloading the config in all of the ME-1 units and restarting the board, everything was fine. Has anyone seen anything like this? Should I worry about it and create a support ticket for A&H?

    Thank you.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Tyler,

    In rare circumstances (such as brownouts) the AR racks can default to factory firmware, this would prompt the GLD to update the firmware again at power up. While firmware is updated on the AR2412, a reported QoS error on the AR84 is normal.

    The ME-1 issue sounds like a known bug to do with hot-plugging the dSNAKE input. We are fixing this in V1.13 due for release this week.

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    Firmware is already online, hot plugging d-snake is the connection between gld and ar2412?

    The isseu that the me-1 then lost settings is this update for?


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    Thank you for the reply. The issue with updating the AR 2412 makes sense. I guess its time to get a nice battery backup system on my stage racks.

    For the ME-1 units, the dSnake was never hot-plugged, but it would also make sense if the firmware was updated on the AR 2412 that it would cause an internal connection issue. That’s probably where the hot-plug connection came from. I will look forward to the ME-1 firmware update and update as soon as it is released.

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