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    Following on from last post on USB recording I’m now trying to figure out Dante… I think I have most of the set up done but am now stuck. So..
    I have my Dante Soundcard started and Controller which is routed as a 1-1 patch to channels 1-48. Clock status seems fine and not showing any errors on there. So that all seems fine..
    I’ve got a dSnake plugged in to the console, but am stuck on the routing here. From what I’ve read, you are meant to assign your inputs on the I/O Port In tab to match the controller, so a 1-1 patch which is what I did. That means that my dSnake routing is now unassigned. When I assign that a 1-1 patch, I get signal in on the desk as I would expect but then how do I get this routed to my DAW?
    I’ve set the I/O Port outputs as ‘Input Direct Out’ on 1-48 on the GLD. My DAW is set as DVS input and output device.
    I have no experience of this before and am just trying to learn through the internet / trial and error!
    So I’m sure I’m missing something but not sure what..

    Thanks in advance

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    For tracking, dSnake should be patched as normal. Dante outputs will be from channel direct outs. After the console and Dante controller are patched, then go into your DAW and assign tracks to input channels from Dante Virtual Sound Card. Save a scene for tracking.

    For multi-track playback (so you can mix on the GLD) assign the track outputs in the DAW to Dante channels, then route those back to the GLD using Dante controller. In the GLD’s I/O configure the channel input assignments from the I/O card instead of dSnake. Save another scene for this configuration so that you can quickly get back to it.

    For a stereo playback from the DAW (mixing on the DAW) follow the same steps as multi-track but only for 2 channels into one of your stereo inputs.

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    You don’t have to use the direct outs, you can patch the input socket straight to the Dante card.

    There is no reason why this should unassign your dSnake routing from the channels, the signal can go to both places at once.

    Both options are valid, depending on whether you want your Dante card patch to follow any soft-patching you’re doing between sockets and channels, or if you wanted the option for faders and mutes to affect the recording.


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    I think what you need to is to use the I/O output tab to send from the desk to the Dante network. so many pickoff points to choose, sockets are straight after the pre-amp

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    I think best way to record is to pick up directly from the input sockets, because direct outs are after hpf, if my memory serves me right!

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    I am new to mixers and Dante. I have installed the Dante m card on our gld112. the issue I am having is that i have about 40 inputs which include mics, and instruments. I get all of them to go to my DAW which is Logic Pro x via the Dante virtual sound card. the issue im having is that out of the 40 inputs I have 2-3 of those mic inputs not sending any sound into Logic Pro. All of the inputs can be hard in front of house and in a second mix I have for my live stream. but not in logic going through Dante. any thoughts on a routing issue I may be having? As far as I have read I don’t think I needed to do any routing when I installed the Dante card. all inputs are automatically being sent to Dante. is that correct?


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