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    I’ve got DAW control up and running Mackie Control Protocol.
    The instructions for DAW control mentions the left square on the bottom right of the pop-up should flicker when I move a fader…the square is flickering.
    I assume the right square flickers if the DAW program is sending data…don’t know, but there’s no flicker.
    My Qu-24 is not moving faders within the DAW neither is the DAW moving faders on the Qu…
    Qu is set up with all faders to MIDI on Custom Layer, Midi Channel 1, MIDI DAW Control Channel set to channel 2.
    MIDI monitor within Studio One is not seeing any data.
    I can’t figure out the disconnect.
    The Qu is getting audio from the DAW no problem.
    I’m running latest OS on 2013 iMac.
    Anyone guide me through this?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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