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    Had a quick play on my Avantis for the first time today.
    In GEQ fader flip it would be nice to be able to reset a fader to zero by pressing select (or the equivalent) which you can do on GLD
    Sorry if this is already possible and I’ve missed it.

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    100% agree.

    I too made the mistake of “playing” with the GEQ and was very sad to need to manually move each fader back to zero 🙁

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    the RESET button enables this, resets the whole EQ to zero
    and if it’s like on the dLive the fader reset will make it in one of the next firmwares

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    +1 on this. Would be very helpful

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    Already implemented by pressing reset and touch/move a fader a bit towarsd the zero position.

    It resets single bands of the GEQ

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    I would prefer the “old” way where the GEQ fader reset button is one of the channel buttons (either pafl, mute or mix). Much more intuitive IMO.

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    You actually can if you watch the tc furlong deep dive session on Avantis they figure our how. It’s available on YouTube

    In your Avantis put the geq on faders then press and hold down the reset button next to the screen then tap the fader of the frequency down and it will move it to zero for individual frequencies

    Or old down the reset button and press on the orange highlighted geq on screen and that will flatten the whole thing

    Hope that helps

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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