Gate Slope!

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    Small thing, but I find slope/ratio to be incredibly useful in a gate/expander. You can *kind* of get around it with the release time, but I would really love to see that slope option implemented in future firmware updates!

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    Wouldnt be a gate if it had a soft slope would kind of be almost a compressor at that point. You can adjust the depth, but a gate is an On Off Function, thus the name “Gate” Open and close, I dont recall ever seeing a slope rate on a gate,
    Have you seen that before on a plug in orsomething?


    I believe the word you’re looking for is, “expander.” Technically a gate *is* an expander with a really really reeeeally high ratio. Most consoles I’ve worked with, and just about every expander/gate plug in any DAW, offer the ability to alter that ratio from absolute on/off to expansion. I mean, even my Behringer gives me that option; (see attached.) I would argue it’s *more* unusual to find a gate without an option to be used as an expander. Again, small thing, but it does make a big difference when you’re dealing with subtle dynamics.

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    no slope control on one of the best analog gates ever made


    Sure. …but a channel strip on a digital desk isn’t exactly an analogue gate.

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    ThatComplicatedMidiGuy, I understand you – and I´ll second your suggestion.
    I had the same wish years ago for the iLive

    It is not that I do not get it. But the expander-function would be a nice addition.

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