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    Fader + Mute Groups
    Show EQ cueves at any time (not only after a change)
    Output: GEQ & FBA at the same time
    EQ in the FX Rts
    1 more Soft Knob
    at least 2 custom fader bank layers
    (On the Home/Home page): User features like permissions, cue/monitoring options
    opt better?: [Config/Control & network] and [Home/System] and the before mentioned User Features pooled together in a [System Setup] page?
    Opt in a New tab: I/O patch


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    I think we and A&H need to look at what else is around in this sector of the market. Although it might seem strange, think less about impinging on other AH products and more about the sector. Having been”Keith” in another company I can tell you that having a bigger share of lower priced category can boost rather than inhibit the sales of the high end products.

    I only have experience of the smaller Behringer and the Soundcraft UIs before buying the CQ20. The Soundcraft range almost mimics the CQs and it was hard for me to decide whether to upgrade from the Ui16 to a Ui24R or the CQ20.

    If we look at the Ui24R, it has all the features you suggest (from memory) but is about $100 dollars more. It also has more inputs and more Aux buses.

    The Ui16 has the important Mix Groups and mute groups but inferior preamps to both the Ui24R and CQ20. My decision to buy was based on a belief that AH could not resist putting the two main requests, DCA/ Mix Groups and Mute Groups on a future software update. Mixing Station has proved that there are software solutions to these.

    I have a suspicion that the matrix is a hardware limitation. Either way there is a lot AH can do to improve the range.

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    I think you may be asking for a bit too much to be honest.

    EQ on FX return, custom layer and DCA’s would be an added bonus. Everything else that you have asked for is very unlikely to happen. The CQ is based at the more novice user who unlikely to understand Sidechaining.


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    I agree that the customer requests are often competing with stratetic dessiccions of a company.
    I am product manager for optical measurement equiment by myself 😉

    The request for Fader + Mute Groups is that essential that it almost a must from my point of view.
    A custom fader layer would be a logical option for implementation.

    A sidechain in the compressors is somehow more advanced and and I have no idea if the routing in CQ is flexible enough to implement something like this. A hint from A&H would be welcome.

    I also made my decision in favor of CQ20-B because I am more confident that A&H will be able to offer a stable app in the long term. So far I have not been disappointed, not a single crash or anything similar.
    My wish is to extend the functionality as long as this does not jeopardize the stability of the overall system.

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    I mean there is no harm in asking, but I think there is ZERO chance of getting a hardware change (ie adding another rotary knob). Making software changes is one thing, but changing the hardware is a MUCH larger undertaking and one I can’t imaging A&H taking on, especially with their “entry level” system.

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