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    This week there was just an update for the AHM64.
    The SQ has already received an update many weeks ago, the Avantis as well…
    So the hope is growing that the dLive could be next.

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    End of August 2021 is near…. just saying ;.)

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    Should we be worried?

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    Why be worried now? πŸ˜‚

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    Currently bug fixing and gathering feedback from beta testers. Stay tuned for more news in July.

    Seriously? Can you be more specific which July, 2021, 2022, etc?

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    I’ve already posted this over on the FB dLive Unofficial User Group page but I’ll repost here for those of you that aren’t denizens of the Facebook world.

    This afternoon at PLASA I laid eyes on a lesser spotted 1.9 and can confirm…..
    1 – it is real and not related to a unicorn.
    2 – it’s gonna put a BIG smile on a lot of faces once it escapes captivity into the wild.
    …and 3 – I want it. I want it now!!!!

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    Great to hear that someone saw it. So, there are only two questions remaining
    1) what will be included in this release?
    2) when will it be released at last?

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    I can tell you what I saw although there’s no guarantee any of these features won’t get pulled at the last minute before release.
    Big changes are lots of RTA options including some really cool RTA stuff in the south area, a couple of different expanders, Sennheiser wireless integration (like existing Shure) and the ability to name your card slots so you don’t have to try and remember what card is in what slot.
    There are still a couple of minor issues that I’m not at liberty to discuss but nothing earth shattering.

    As for release date I’d say from what I saw if the developers were left alone in a darkened room for a week it would be done but we all know it never works like that.

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    Looks like there’s some info coming soon according to Facebook!!

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    So, big news.

    It’s happening!

    1.9 is available to download now from the Allen & Heath website (

    Details at the webpage below!

    I’ll be doing a stream this afternoon talking through the new features along with a Q&A!​​​​​​​

    There will be a webinar session running twice tomorrow featuring a more in depth technical look at the release, all times UK.

    10AM Session:

    4PM Session:

    Hope to see you there!

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    Thanks Jack.
    My prediction of a week in a darkened room was spot on πŸ˜€
    There’s a couple more new features that I didn’t see last week.
    Looking forward to the stream and webinar.

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    Thanks A&H this is a great update, well worth the wait!

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    Wow, that looks great! I can’t wait to upgrade and play around with it a bit.

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