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    Chris Irwin

    I would love to see an option to include the preamp gain to also be included in “ganged” channels. I often will gang things like keys, piano mics, drum overheads, etc together and then leave only one of the faders on the “show layer” that I use for mixing. It’s frustrating to have to switch layers and make sure both channels have the same gain value instead of just changing the gain on one channel and knowing that it will match on the other ganged channel(s). And yes, I know that I can make stereo channels, but often that does not make sense (such as needing different eq for piano low and high mics).

    Maybe it’s because I come from mixing on Digico consoles weekly at my day job, but when at church on the Avantis console it is annoying running into little things like this that I am used to having that just “make sense.”

    Thanks for considering this,

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    Theres a separate “feature request” forum thread under Avantis.

    +1 for gain addition to gang, I would also like to see an option for ganging for all mixes as well as LCR.

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    hell no… never gang preamp gain… please not

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    Chris Irwin

    Thanks for pointing out that there is a Feature Request forum – I noticed it after posting this. I’ll copy this over to that location.

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    I can’t see this, surely unless you are using very precisely matched sources, sub 1dB on microphones separate gain controls make sense. Well it does to me. I have few matched pairs in the mic cupboard but still retain separate gain controls by choice.
    Just my two bobs worth of course.

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