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    Stereo input and output linking HAVE to be scene dependent. I have no idea how the console got to production stage with such a serious issue.

    And for the wish list:

    Eq and comp for fx sends and returns

    An API 512C preamp model (Will absolutely pay for this)

    Soft keys for processing pages eg. soft 1 is eq view, soft 2 is gate etc.

    I believe this is already coming but I do need low pass for channels and high and low pass for auxes and lr.


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    KeithJ A&H

    @greyskullproductions ,

    When switching channels from mono to stereo, you are actually re configuring the XCVI core (this should not be confused with linking)
    It does happen incredibly quickly, but there is still a small audio interruption.
    As scenes must be instant, and cannot have any drop in audio, the mono/stereo-ness of channels can therefore not be changed on a scene-by-scene basis.

    There is already a PEQ on the FX returns, though if you wish to utilise more of the SQ’s processing for the FX, this can easily be achieved by inserting FX units on mix channels.

    I have noted your other requests (as with all possible requests posted in this forum).


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    Please, we need linking/ganging! Stereo channels are silly and unecessary!

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    I like stereo channels…


    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. Was not aware that input/output stereo linking was related to the core and not on the software side so allow me to amend my request: we really need to be able to stereo link channels and it really needs to allow linking for any two channels. It’s an essential feature of a professional console.

    The reason I asked for such specific processing on FX sends and returns is that especially on snare I don’t want a large amount of the frequencies exciting the reverb that I’ll be sending to Foh. Even eq’ing the return side won’t remove a large amount of the harmonics excited by sending full spectrum signal to it. And also I like to crush the verb on the return side.

    I’ll play around with effects as channel inserts and see if it has the flexibility to accomplish what I want.

    Thank you again for your time, I look forward to the future of the SQ and what it can do.

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    If you need FX send processing, you can swap the FX short bus out for a full aux bus using the FX rear panel.


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    Ganging would be great, but even a channel link function like in the QU series (with the choice not to link pan, fader and mutes) would be very helpful. Andy

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    It is possible to use a (stereo) channel as FX return if you need more processing…

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