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    I have been playing around using the QU-16 for recordings the past weekend and couldn’t find a good way to record the effects on a separate channel from the original source…

    What I wanted to do was basically to record a channel to a track with the internal desk effects on a separate track in my daw.

    I found a way to record them separate by using a separate mix as my master mix out to my listening monitors.

    Step.1 connect your monitors to 5-6 out.

    Step.2 put down all faders on your LR mix layer.

    Step.3 set your FX to pre fader

    Step.4 put up FX1 & FX2 send and returns to 0 in your LR layer (if you have FX 3 and 4 routed to mix1 and mix 2 put up them as well.

    Step.5 Put up your master level for Mix5-6

    Enter your DAW and do the following set up.

    Step.1 Create tracks for all audio inputs 1-24
    1-20 will stream the tracks from your input to tracks.
    23-24 will stream your FX signal.

    Set your DAW to send its master signal to 21-22 out.
    Enter the mix layer 5-6 on your desk, switch to layer two, select ST3 and hit the USB button (on the Preamp column) Put up the fader to 0.

    So your monitor layer is now Mix5-6, Everything you put up in Mix5-6 will go straight out to your monitors…

    You record your dry channels on separate ins and your internal desk FX on 23-24 in your DAW.

    You playback things from your DAW on ST3 in the Mix5-6 layer. Or of course on any other wanted channel as well, just hit the USB button for a channel on the desk and set the same output in your DAW.

    Now to my request… I would like to be able to route the FX to different USB-outputs. Or maybe a route possibility to route all channels on the desk to wanted USB channels…

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Harald,

    I’m not sure I understand your requirement but if all you want is to patch an FX return channel to your DAW, this is already possible using the Setup / Audio / Output Patch screen. USB outputs 1-16 are fixed from the Mono input channels, but you have three patchable stereo pairs (17-18, 19-20, 21-22) – these can be set to any of the FX returns.

    Hope this helps.
    PS I have deleted your other post on the same subject.

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