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    I have an SQ 6 with the current SW version 1.5.1 since a few months. I mix only one rock band with drums, bass, git, keyboards, 2 backing vocals, 2 x lead vocals.
    So far I have installed the SQ6 Tube Stage Preamp as an add on.
    I have configured 6 monitor Aux for the musicians’ InEars.
    I am currently using 6 of the 8 effect returns (for Lead Vocals Rev, Lead Vocals Echo, Snare Rev, Git Room, Toms Rev, Backing Vocals Rev). So I still have 2 effect returns free.
    The next extension for me is the SQ-6 Dynamic Trio Pack. Of these, DynEQ4 seems to be the most interesting plug-in. I would like to have more control over the two lead vocals and the guitar (and possibly the bass), so I would like to use 3 (to 4) x DynEQ4.
    Now my questions related to the DynEQ4:
    How will the 3-4 DynEQ4s be integrated into the SQ6?
    Do I need a separate effect send for each DynEQ4 and one of the only 2 available effect returns? If so, I could only use 2 DynEQ4s, which would of course be a pity.
    It would be ideal if I could simply insert the DynEQ4 into each channel strip, just like the built-in parametric EQ. Is that possible? If so, how?
    Thank you very much for your feedback and best regards from Germany.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    The DynEQs aren’t deep plugins so have to he used in an FX slot, so if you need the existing 6 you’re using then you can only use 2.

    I would suggest using these on an insert rather than send/return though.

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