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    Hello, I am here again 😉

    I made an observation, which is not quite clear to me.

    I had to prepare a show offline for which a DX168 should be connected to the DX1 port and an aux monitor signal should be applied to the first two outputs.

    in the “Director” I have defined the DX1 port under System/Offline as follows:
    Slot1 = Analogue Input
    Slot2 = Analogue Input
    Slot3 = Analogue Output
    Slot4 = empty

    Then I called the I/O page and for the DX1 port it was shown that outputs 17 to 24 are usable (these outputs are light grey, the others black).
    So I put the aux paths on output 17 and 18.
    And I patched the inputs to 1 to 16.

    On the job, after going online, I noticed that nothing came out of the DX168. With the device connected, it was necessary to patch the outputs to 1 and 2!
    But the assignment of the 16 inputs was correct, I didn’t have to change anything.

    what did I do wrong?
    Or is it a display error?

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    Hi Wolfgang

    You used the DX168 like a DX32. The DX168 has no output 17/18.
    Can it be that the DX168 is a fixed format 3 slot DX32 for the software?


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    @wolfgang It seems that Director has no option to configure DX168 for offline use, only the modular DX32 is available and which you have configured with same I/O as a DX168. The DX32 populates the DX port 1 to 32 sequentially in Director so outputs start at DX ch 17 where the inputs stop at 16. The DX168 doesn’t behave that way when plugged in so when you connected to physical box you had your physical DX1 outputs starting at CH 1 but nothing was patched there. Seem like this needs to be updated in Director. I would just choose connected but with no cards and then patch with striped squares and see what happens when DX168 is connected in RL.

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    Thank you, I suppose that’s exactly how it is.
    then I’ll just delete the third card (Analogue Output) and accept that the output fields are black and white in offline mode.

    but it would be nicer if you could set the DX168 here.

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    but patching works anyway
    you can prepare for your job

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    Yes, it already works.
    You just have to know that the outputs for the DX168 are not displayed correctly.

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