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    Good Day Everybody,

    First a little background: I am audio engineer/tech guy and recently installed a dLive system at my church. After running the system for a few months, we decided it would be highly beneficial for us to add a DX012 output expander to our amplifier rack. Since we run a lot of outputs through a DSP prior to the amp, the quick patching ability between the 2 units is ideal. We also have, at times, issues with noise on the old analog lines running from the audio booth to the amp rack. Hopefully this will help in both areas.

    My Solution: We are running a C3500 surface and CDM48 MixRack. The cable run to get between the 2 locations is about 280 feet (thanks to the conduit and cable tray routing) . I am in the process of acquiring 2 x 300’ shielded CAT 6 cables and will run them next month. Thankfully I have an empty conduit, so these will not be near other cables for a good portion of their run.

    My Question: due to the cable length nearing maximum, and me. Or always being there to troubleshot issues, I would prefer to run the DX012 in redundant mode. I know the C Class hardware doesn’t support that on the build in DX ports. I’m looking for suggestions on a best solution to accomplish this. I was thinking about getting a DX Link expansion card and slotting it in the mix rack. I’m not sure if that would work, since I cannot find documentation showing the DX012 is compatible with the DX Link audio networking card. It also seems that the card is more difficult to find, is it possibly nearing end of life? I know I can use an slink card and DX expander hub, but that seems overkill and more costly. The DX Link card is ideal, because I could also add a second DX012 (using redundant link) down the line to our recording/broadcast studio.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate any insight or direction you all are willing to provide. There are so many options for I/O and I want to make sure I’m on the right track.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Nealio,

    I can confirm the DX Link card will allow redundant connections to the DX012.
    As you identified, the DX Hub offers a valid alternative, but you would need a gigaACE card (not SLink card) and 2x DX Hubs for redundancy.

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    Thank you so much Nicola. I appreciate the fast reply. Makes the decision a lot easier for me!

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