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    Im having issues with my s7000 connecting to my DM64 once I connect the “network” into my larger AV network

    Ive put the gigaace from the surface into its OWN switch matching up with the mix rack there. (nothing else connected on this switch) And the surface connects and we are happy. But once I plug in a cat5 into network for me to connect via director etc after a power cycle on the surface… it will no longer connect on a reboot.

    Any ideas? They are assigned static and non conflicting IPs. IS it possible there is just another piece of gear in my AV network conflicting with it? Is there something else causing it?

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    It’s not a good idea to put the GigaAce on a switch with other network devices. It’s not made for it.
    Just put the control network on that switch, that should give you enough flexibility.

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    Hi Derekelliotson,

    gigaACE is a point to point Layer 2 network protocol.
    Its meant to do quick audio transport and the Layer 3 (Control) Packages are packed in the Layer 2 stream.
    If you connect the gigaACE connection to a switch and you add a computer 1. its not point to point anymore and 2. your PC is unable to take the L3 messages out of the L2 stream.

    If you want to connect a computer to your dLive system use the control network ports on the DM or control surface.
    This is strictly L3 data which allows you to control your system.

    If you want to know more there are a few articles in our knowledgebase and whitepapers on the resource page.

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    maybe i should have clarified further…

    NOTHING else is on the gigaace switch. And then I ALSO have an AV network… to which I have the surface and head network ports / computer etc plugged into.

    and as soon as i plug in the MIXRACK to this network… the surface won’t connect

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    disable dhcp, the control network is the same on all connected devices
    set fixed IP on Mixrack and Surface
    this should resolve the problems.

    and I’m stillnot sure if I understand your topology correct… maybe you can provide a schematic?

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    Alex A&H


    If the surface is connected to the network already, the MixRack will already access this via gigaACE. Connecting the MixRack network port to it as well creates a loop.


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