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    Are the Deep plugins in SQ the exact same as in dLive? I’m familiar with dLive, so I’m wondering if I’ll get the exact same results with the SQ variants.

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    Good question. I would like to know that too.

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    KeithJ A&H

    In short, yes!

    There are different sizes of XCVI core, with different capabilities regarding total channel count as well as processing available per channel.
    There are also things like the DYN engine which are not included in the SQ core.
    However, everything that’s in the SQ core exists in dLive and both use the same algorithms for processing.


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    Given the limitations of wifi only controls it is unlikely we will see an SQsb type of device any time soon. Put the SQ5 on the stage floor, as if it were a stage box, and use the existing I-Pad controlling soft wear.

    Over the past two years a number of requests for d-live performance features have been advanced in these threads and Keith has carefully explained the range of sizes of XCVI cores and their respective processing and I/O options they make available along with the DYN engine. The SQ line has a 48 channel capability however only 32 channels can be operable with expansion stage boxes with the other 16 inputs restricted to the SQ deck. A DX32 was required to activate my 8 Prime pre amps and 8 prime outputs and given the fact that the DX32 occupies all 32 external input possibilities in my SQ, even though it contains only 16 I/Os, it is impossible to add my DX168 simultaneously. One of the most important factors to consider is the sonic improvement over the internal SQ pres that is possible with D-Live and Prime I/Os that are available with the DX expansion stage boxes. Today most professional I/Os are located on the performance stage, not internally in the controlling deck. I know this is true because I have been trying to sell my mint condition 24/8 whirlwind snake for more than six months on reverb and not one response has been offered at any price.
    IMO the primary void in the A&H brand offerings is the absence of a processing controller for small to medium channel count users. The ability to control up to 48 channels of high quality expansion stage box input & outputs with full D-Live processing would have a very large market appeal. The current D-Live controllers do not include the FPGA XCVI core processing, it is contained in the large stage boxes for large format purposes. IMO, a much bigger market demand is in the small to medium footprint size that a processing controller would accommodate.

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    The SQ line has a 48 channel capability however only 32 channels can be operable with expansion stage boxes

    That is not quite correct.
    A single DX run is 32 maximum yes, but you could run to a DX Hub and then 4 DX runs from that to get 128, or to a GX4816 already having 48 plus 2 DX runs from that to get 112. All of these can he doubled with an additional SLink card of course.

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    I fully well understand the options a DX controller offers however that does not remedy the 48 channel limitation with all SQ desks. Given the fact that the SQ will automatically deploy pre assigned DX168 patches for the DX32 patches when I switch from one to the other I will not be buying a DX Hub under any circumstances. For the work that I do sonic detail and transparency is critical for many reasons, however there are some performers that can not benefit from the enhanced capture detail “Prime” pres offer. For these performers the D-Live pres in my DX168 work much better. I would like to put 8 of the D-Live pres in my DX32 module to accommodate these needs however no one I have contacted with A&H has been able to assure me that the 8 AIN DX32 pre amp option are appreciable better than the stock SQ pres.

    Political differences have radically altered the free flow of products produced by highly skilled slave type labor. We now see a 1 year delay of the SQ5 and even a longer back up with a DX168: there is no valid expectation of an improved supply in the near future. Given this market condition it is highly un likely A&H will join the Behringer group in a race to the price point bottom. Every indication in their recent product releases reflects efforts to offer cutting edge sonic quality with reasonable pricing. To this end a processing controller to manage all stage floor expansion I/Os makes perfect sense. Improving the XCVI core to accommodate D-Live performance and connectivity in a small footprint processing controller with pricing determined by the number of faders from 8 to 16. When considering the number of solo performers along with acoustic ensembles that are seeking world class sonic quality and virtually all classical deca captures that greatly benefit from the A&H “prime pres that are now available: this niche market is a lot bigger than one might suspect!

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