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    if i save a show using deep plugins how will this recall on another desk without plugins installed? will deep compressor/geq settings be recalled using standard comp/geq?


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    thats a good question!

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    KeithJ A&H

    @jc2000 – It is not possible to run a demo period, as there is no real time clock in the SQ. We have added information on each plugin to the website, and created a range of audio samples too. (

    @stylos – The second desk will let you know that the plugins are not available, and replace them with the stock units. Worth noting that overwriting the scene/show would then mean that you are saving with the stock units.


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    Unfortunately as a production company with multiple SQ’s (and dLive’s), the pricing just isn’t realistic… all ours will stay as stock even though we’d love to implement the same DEEP processing we use on dLive, as others have said here the lack of cross platform/cross console usability means the pricing just isn’t viable – if it was a new product with new R&D costs you could understand, but these are models you’ve had running for years on dLive, it doesn’t make sense to charge UAD/Waves (or higher) costs per console 🙁

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    I may even be seeming too critical but see: these plugins were launched among them Geq but none of these Geq can be inserted in the input channels that is my need, can only be inserted in the output AUX, Matrix and others. What do I want a Geq plugin in the outputs if they all already have? See the X32 has 8 racks among them several Geq that can be used in any channel and still all free or not free, because agent already paid a buck in cosoles

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    Mike Storm

    I disagree with other users here. There’s plenty of other plugins on the market priced in excess of $100, including UAD. If Waves wants to sell their stuff real cheap it doesn’t mean everyone else has to follow. Remember you still need a Waves card and server to run Waves plugins, no audio professional will run native on USB.
    Yes, the non-portability of the A&H plugins is a bummer. On the other hand you get them on every channel, no external hardware, not to mention zero latency! No external plugin will give you zero latency. Even if they do delay compensation, you’re adding latency to all channels, not ideal for live monitors especially if you work with IEM.
    In short I don’t have a problem with the cost. These are professional tools. Go buy yourself a single hardware 1176, or 48 dbx 160 if you like, then you might change your mind.

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    Loud and clear!
    Great points,
    I feel the only issue is the portability, which can be fixed!

    If I want to upgrade from a SQ5 to a SQ7 and want to sell the SQ5, there could be an option to unauthorize the plug ins, and Authorize them in the new SQ7.

    The software engineers should be able to work this.

    In my Allen & Heath acconth the DNA of the SQ5 could be de-authorize, this will create a code which will be entered in the SQ5 to disable the plug ins, and the board will give you a confirmation code which you could enter into the SQ7 as a new authorization code, or use it to get the website to create a new code for the SQ7.

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    … But is impossible to check the real disinstallation on previous mixer I think…

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    Why not!? The mixer comes preloaded with all plugins and locked until a code is put in.

    There could be an option in the mixer to “lock” a plugin:
    “Are you sure you want to deauthorize this plugin? press YES—————NO
    press YES
    “Please enter deauthorize code”
    The mixer will show
    “This plugin has been disabled. your Confirmation code is xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx
    To re-enable Press the Lock icon and enter your authorization code”

    Use this Confirmation code to install in the new board

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    Hmm, ok its all software and therefore a lot is technical possible. But the manufacturer have to want to do this, and I am afraid that A&H do not want int because as it is now they will get more money because inany case you have to buy the same plugin again and this will result in more money.
    For me the plugins are too expensive. But since nobody is forced to buy them I leave the console as it is.

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    Question, is the GEQs on Every channel?
    on the shop page it says
    “GEQ provides 28 bands of surgical graphic equalisation – with +/- 12dB of boost and cut – on every AUX, GROUP and MTX.”

    SQ – GEQs

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    I see some think these warrant their current pricing, let’s look at this:

    These are old algorithms, than ran on nearly identical hardware. These were simply ported over. There is very low R&D here to be paid.

    A single plugin that’s over $100 and can only run on a single console, never used on anything else, is way overpriced.

    I’ve paid $800 for a single plugin before, and I paid that because it was worth it. The company does a major revision spread many years apart and has an incredible tool that far surpasses anything like it. In this case, take my money! (Pitch ‘N Time Pro)

    I’ve paid around $200 per plugin for my Sonnox stuff, again, take my money! I can run them on Venue’s, Digico’s, SoundGrid networks, Pro Tools, Logic, MAC, Pc…

    Point being, over $100 for a single plugin, that can run on only one unit, on a single piece of hardware just isn’t reasonable anyway you look at it.

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    I still want to know of the EQ pack will be available on ALL inpou channels or only on the Aux Groups Main Matrix

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    One idea we floated in another facebook group was the idea of a ‘Production House’ license, a single fee to cover whatever consoles you have – this way A&H still get paid, but it’s fairer on those who’ve committed to the brand in a significant way. As is, it just isn’t realistic to expect someone to shell out on every console in their inventory (and if you do one, you’d pretty much have to do them all to maintain show file consistency)… can I suggest next time A&H rolls out something like this, they put their pricing up front so we can make informed decisions (even if they’re not rolling out on the first firmware release)?

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    Unfortunately I have to agree with others on the pricing of the DEEP plugins. I already own licences for similar plug ins by waves that I can use across loads of desks as well as in DAWs. The 76 compressor for example cost me $29 so why would I want to pay $100+ for another licence of another plug in to only use on a single console and single piece of hardware. It would have been sensible to have done it at least in a way where you buy a licence that could be used across multiple pieces of hardware similar to the waves by having licences on a pendrive etc. If I build a show using plug ins on a personal console then have to do a fly show with a band I and hire a console elsewhere I don’t want to loose those potentially vital to the mix features and sounds. I was really excited about this release but feel a bit let down considering the GLD had majority of these plug ins for no extra cost and the DLive also has all of them for no extra cost so I’ve used them all regularly. The whole thing could have definitely been thought out A LOT better IMO. Being an avid A&H fan/supporter with it being my preferred choice of console it’s annoying that I can’t big up and brag about this to other people because people will think I’m mad pushing a single platform, single hardware plug in at them for over $100… I definitely will not be purchasing any of these till the price is significantly lowered, or till the licences can be used across multiple consoles (by keeping the licence on a pendrive or similar).

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