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    Can I use a connect thru such as a Ethercon panel connector to get to a DX 16-8 from an SQ?

    I have a wall pocket that I would like to place an Ethercon jack in so that there’s isn’t just a cable hanging free.

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    You should be able to use any RJ45 implement (ie jack/coupler) so long as it is passive. For good measure it should probably match, or be higher, than the category level of the Ethernet cable you are using.

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    I have been using Neutrik EtherCon D-style RJ45 feedthrough jacks on the backs of my stage racks for years, with a vanilla cat5e between it and e.g. my AR2412’s s-link port on the front. No issues.

    I’m reasonably sure the feedthrough jacks I’m using are the NE8FDP-R.

    YMMV — my EtherCon cables are all terminated with Neutrik-branded EtherCon plugs.

    I had some problems early on with mixing brands of supposedly Ether-Con compliant jacks and plugs, so I’m done with that.

    Some non-Neutrik jacks (on a non-A&H mixer I’ve owned) let *some* genuine Neutrik Ethercon plugs retract from the jack just far enough under tension to render the RJ45 connection intermittent.

    Same issue in the other direction with an otherwise nicely rugged cable that had ‘convertible’ Ethercon plugs (the last 1″ or so of the EtherCon shells were removable). Those were also flakey in use, until I ‘converted’ it permanently to a normal RJ45 cable.

    BTW, that Neutrik panel-mount series also includes variants with IDC punch-downs on the back instead of an RJ45 (ie, the NE8FDV-Y110), so you could terminate the jack directly if you’re worried about adding more plug/jack junctions to the run.

    I used that style in a few wall jacks in my studio… no because I was that worried the extra junction, but because I’m terrible at field-terminating RJ45 plugs. I have 100% success punching down 110-style jacks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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