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    Hello, first about my setup. Iā€™m running an iLive 176 at foh, idr32 on stage, two xdr16ā€™s at foh, with one of the xdr16ā€™s fitted with the Dante card. My first question is, I’m wanting to use waves multirack native to run plugins live but how do select dante as an insert on an input channel? I don’t see port b dante in the available patched in the insert tab.

    The second question is regarding virtual soundcheck. I can record successfully into cubase through dante but they don’t play back on the correct channels. For instance, the kick is on IP1 but plays back I believe IP17. Thanks

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    It’s bit quiet here šŸ™‚
    The first question is quite difficult, never had any xdr.
    The second- is the dante patch 1:1 both input and output? Is cubase patched 1:1 for outputs to Dante?


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Brandon,

    Have a look at the xDR-16 User Guide, there is a diagram explaining the routing of Port B channels.
    Basically you have to remember the Port B ACE on your iDR is a 64×64 interface. So there will always be a compromise when using 2x xDR-16s because the iDR Port B has to manage physical XLRs and any xDR Port B card within a total of 64×64. Depending on your Port B ACE mode (there are two Redundancy Off modes, one takes all inputs from Link1, the other takes 32 from Link1 and 32 from Link2 on the ACE card) the patch will be different, as I pointed out in your other post. With 2x xDR-16s, you would typically have Port B ACE set to Redundancy Off, Input 1-32 from Link1 and Input 33-64 from Link2. This setting does not affect the outputs. So you can still patch up to 64 signals to Port B ACE, these will go 1:1 onto the Dante card, and you can record them. However on the input side, this is what happens:
    – Port B ACE 1-16 are reserved for the first xDR-16 XLR inputs.
    – Port B ACE 17-32 take the first 16 inputs from the first xDR Port B (your Dante card).
    – Port B ACE 33-48 are reserved for the second xDR-16 XLR inputs.
    – Port B ACE 49-64 take the first 16 inputs from the second xDR Port B.

    This should explain why you have the kick drum on channel 17. You should patch Port B ACE 17-32 to input 1-16 for playback returns. If you want more than 16, switch Port B ACE mode to ‘All inputs from Link1’ – this will take 48 inputs from the first xDR Port B (your Dante card) BUT it will disable inputs on the second xDR.

    As for inserting Dante sends/returns into a channel, follow the same logic above. For example, to insert Dante ch 1 on Input 1, you want to set the Insert send as Port B ACE 1, and the Insert return as Port B ACE 17.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the reply. If I used port b ace mode 2 for virtual soundcheck, what would be the easiest way for the playback to be on the correct channels on the console?

    Could I resolve my issues by replacing the 2 xdr’s with a idr32 at the console? So 1 idr32 on stage and another idr32 at the console with the dante fitted.

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    First record your current PATCH to a backup scene and name it “NORMAL”? Store the Patchbay only to the scene.

    Make a “RECORD” patch scene with all your patching so that your inputs all get routed (outputs page) to the Dante card. Again – only store the PATCHBAY to that scene and nothing else.
    e.g: Whatever your input 1 is – IDR Mixrack A-1 for example on Mixer DSP Ch1 > output patched to Port B Ace 1 (Dante ch 1)

    Then set up a “PLAYBACK” scene – again with ONLY the patchbay included that has your Dante returns patched back to the same input DSP channel (Use quick Input select):
    e.g: Dante Ch 1 (Port B ACE 17) set to DSP Ch 1’s input, Mixer DSP CH 2 would be Port B ACE 18, etc

    Now recalling the RECORD scene will have all your inputs routed to Dante and you can record. For Playback recall the PLAYBACK scene and you should get all your audio returning down the correct Mixer DSP Channels. Do your virtual soundcheck making adjustments etc. When you are happy store a new scene with STORE ALL (or add the scene sections that you need recorded) now recall your record scene or Backup NORMAL scene to correct the patch back to live inputs.

    Re using 2 x IDR32 – I think you will have other issuses such as with head amp control on the second IDR32 if just patched together unless you have them in Extended Rack mode (128 Ch).

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