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    I’m not sure if I’ve missed this, or there’s a work around, but several manufacturers have made their digital stage box Dante enabled. Quick access anywhere on the LAN for any Dante unit to grab the main stage inputs and use them, I.e. split for recording, streaming, even musician access for more detailed stationary personal mixing.

    Or did I miss a memo or update?

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    Yes, Allen and Heath make Dante stage boxes. They recently released additonal software so people using an Allen & Heath Dante stage box, but who don’t have an A&H console can control the preamps (gain, polarity, etc) in the stage box.

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    And there are small Dante boxes coming this summer

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    Thanks for the response. I apologize. I wasn’t as specific as I should have been. I purchased the Avantis and the gx4816 at my church last year, and retired my GLD80 to our stream production. The gx4816 doesn’t appear to be Dante enabled, which would have been a really cool feature. We have the GLD in another room specifically for our streaming audio. We have just set all this on our LAN, and with some maneuvering, it’s all working great. But the Avantis is the central hub of our Dante in/out programming. If the gx4816 was Dante, we could have pulled all our inputs around the building from that location…much easier and cooler setup.

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    “And there are small Dante boxes coming this summer”

    Any more details on any additional Dante boxes would be very nice………….

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    3 boxes with 2 channels, 2in2out, 2in, 2out
    not really worth to mention… just a “me too” product

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