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    Did anyone already experience this issue which is causing me a messy setup?
    I realized I cannot share my Dante eth port with my LAN port in the same subnet or switch. They have to stay disconnected between themselves.
    If I don’t care I fall into a mess with my Dante clock, which loses his rules and select different leaders repeatedly, sometime with more than one leader at the same time (which is not allowed).
    I can fix this problem with 2 VLANs on my switch, but what can I do on my MacBook, which needs to talk with either the Dante network with Dante Virtual Soundcard and the control network with Dlive Director to control the Mixrack? (I have one the card only).
    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    After an entire evening of struggling on what heppens,
    I saw the Dlive can be controlled via Director over the Dante interface.
    Basically the Dante interface card in some way “replaces” the embedded LAN card of the mixrack.
    So once you get the Dante 64×64 or 128×128 you can forget the LAN card unless you connect it to another switch or VLAN different from the Dante network, for your specific purpose.
    In my case I detached the LAN card and started to control the Dlive via Director directly over the Dante card.
    Hope this can help somebody with the same problem.

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    Basically the Dante interface card in some way “replaces” the embedded LAN card of the mixrack

    No. It just makes the control network available in the Dante network. Control network ports on the mixrack don’t change their function.

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    Yes, but is it mentioned that if you share the subnet and the vlan (in the same phisical network) you cause a mess to the Dante system?
    I didn’t find anything about that.

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    This is network technology, that’s not that simple. It’s all a question of configuration.

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    If you have a network that allows VLANs, are you able to set up the control VLAN on wi-fi? That way your Dante Virtual Soundcard could operate on the wired network port of the computer and then Director could be accessed via wi-fi.

    You will most likely need to change service order in your network settings if doing so, so that your control network (wi-fi) is at the top and then you’ll be good.

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    Indeed my IP address on Dante card is .14, my LAN card (Dlive) is .13
    Despite only the Dante socket is connected to the switch (if I connect the LAN port too the system goes crazy…), the Director sees the Dlive but inexplicably it connects on .13, which is not even connected.
    Strange, no?
    Anyway.. that’s works!

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    Isn’t there some sort of “bridge” mode with regards to the Dante control network connection? I’m sorry I don’t know exactly what to call it, but if I remember correctly, there is a setting that will link the Dante Card and the built in network plug together to provide Dante control as well as the normal IP connection for the mixrack/console instead of having to have two network connections (one for the Dante card and one of the mixrack/console). I suspect this is turned on and then you are trying to connect two network connections into the device which is causing a conflict. If this is turned on, you only need to connect the built in network plug to have Dante controller access as well.

    Please note, this is different from the Dante bridge/redundant setting that effects the Dante audio network. I am speaking of the Dante Control network only here.

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    Nicola A&H

    Brian is correct. If the Internal Network Bridge switch on the Dante card is set to On, this will link the dLive control network with the Dante network. At this point, connecting both the Dante card and the dLive Network port to the same LAN will cause a conflict. With the Internal Network Bridge On, you only need a single connection from the Dante card to ‘see’ both Dante and the dLive.

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    @alanpower I think some of this depends on what firmware version you are running on the card itself.

    You can also look at the firmware page for a visual of how to connect your network cables and setup based on the firmware:


    I would also recommend looking at this document for more information:


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