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    Used my SQ6 for the second time live tonight. During my initial scene setup, all seemed normal. I always start my sound check with all channels muted, and of course work thru each member, unmuting as I go down the line. I hadn’t even started my sound check, and as soon as I turned on the monitor amps, my wedges started feeding back. I ran to the SQ, only to find everything was still muted. After I turned the amps back off, I went back to the board to look things over. All input channels, FX channels, groups, DCA’s were muted. The only mutes that actually worked were the mix mutes themselves. Turning mix mute off showed passing audio, even tho all other channels were muted, hence my feedback issue. I was never able to resolve the issue, so I had to preform a factory reset on site. Once I did that, the SQ started working normally again. Any help in why this occurred would be greatly appreciated!

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @harrissl ,

    Without seeing the original show file I would only be guessing, but you may have had inputs assigned to the Mix External Inputs on the mixes you had routed to the monitors.

    When you mute an input channel, you are muting the input channel and not the input socket which could be routed elsewhere (Tie Lines or Mix Ext In for example).

    If you have a copy of the show file it may be worth checking if only for peace of mind 🙂


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    Makes perfect sense! I had been moving channels around on a different scene the day before. Must be what happened.

    Thanks for your reply!

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