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    For the first time, I had a console crash with frozen screen, blocked LEDs, only the SQ drive continued to play.
    The faders moved 3 seconds late after a page change. Clean extinction impossible, forced to cut by the power button.
    Unable to save my scene.
    The problem arose after choosing an equalizer curve in the library.
    I have the latest software version 1.5.1

    is there a way to do a soft reset?

    Impossible to redo the problem

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    Andre S

    No softreset as far as I know.

    What do you exactly mean by console crash? Did the music continue to play? Then, only the surface control crashed…bad enough, I know. Do you have an iPad or something to remotely control your mixer? That way you could end the gig, by mixing with the mixpad app.


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    Hello everyone! Saturday I had the same locking experience. The console locked everything, only the audio continued, all the buttons, the screen, the faders, I went to the mixpad to try to control the console for her but nothing worked. I had to send the band to stop the show to turn off the SQ and get back to work. In 2 hours of show the console stopped twice. I have worked with several consoles from other brands and this has never happened to me. Remembering that I have the update 1.5.1

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi @jb07 and @junior

    Sorry that you both appear to have experienced a similar, if not the same issue here.
    Please contact us using with details about your setups (including what you had connected and perhaps a copy of the show folder) and let us know what you were doing at the time that the freeze occurred if you can remember (SQ-Drive, RTA on PEQ, remote app control etc…) so we can investigate this further.


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    I tried several times to recreate the problem: impossible.
    What I can say is that I was playing a 16 track file on the SQ-Drive, Ipad connected, and I wanted to put a “Vocal Female” EQ on a track.
    I am discovering the console, I test it in all directions and it has crashed only once.


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    In my case I was in the middle of a live show, recording on a 120MB SSD in 48k recording 26 tracks and I was also using a samsung tablet via mipad. It all happened when I went to use the EQ to correct a vocal

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    What WiFi router do you use?
    Is it 2.4GHz ?

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    Roteador TP link TL-WR841HP(BR) 300 Mbps 2,4Ghz The same one I used since I bought my SQ and it never happened before

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    The Yeti

    Hi – was this issue ever resolved on your desk? I have a QU-16 and 2 weeks ago it started doing the same thing at live shows, having to reboot numerous times until last weekend it completely crashed and froze and is now stuck on the boot up logo on touch screen and unresponsive. I am wondering if it is a hardware or a software issue??? Any advice would be much appreciated

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    Swift Creek

    Happened to me today during a funeral!!!!

    Recording Main L/R to USB drive
    Tweaking EQ on pulpit mic

    All controls and screen froze. Sound continued

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