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    Jim J

    When I turn the mixer on, I am getting noise into my microphones. Here is a video to explain: https://youtu.be/3J8gQ4h3JYg

    I hope someone can help.

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    I use a similar setup but on GB band – not seeing anything like that but background RF is part & parcel of the world we live in:(

    I see your two mics are (obviously) tuned differently but suggest retuning a bit to see if you can find a clearer patch and subsequent harmonic?

    What are your squelch settings?

    You have a lot of metal there, have you tried it with the antennae directly on the back of the receivers or everything separately out of the rack to see if that makes a difference?

    In practical use once your mics are switched on this won’t be an issue – I never leave any radio receiver unmuted or slider up if it’s linked TX isn’t switched on.

    E band here in the UK can get hit by bursts from mobile phone towers. This caused a bit of mayhem during a funeral at a local church. They didn’t have anyone doing sound and often left their faders up all the time. They don’t do that anymore 😉!

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    I have a similar problem with Sennheiser UHF and GX4816 combination… The fault is switching power supply in DX.. I need to have min. 30 cm/1 feet distance from it…

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    Jim J

    So can you explain how you fixed it? Are you saying move the power plug 1ft away?

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    No, he moved the PSU of the DX from the receiver away.

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    He is suggesting that you separate the wireless receivers from the internal power supply of the CQ-20 to see if that solves the problem. It worked for him, but he was using a DX stagebox instead of the CQ console.

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