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    Hey guys, I have a question,
    We have a new keyboardist joining our band, he uses a Nord Stage 2 keyboard which I believe has unbalanced quarter inch outputs. I know I can connect to the qu16 using ordinary jack cables into 2x line ins, but if I want to use a stage box, will that matter? The keys will connect to the stage box via a quarter inch jack to xlr cable, but the other end of the stage box will plug into 2 x mic inputs on the desk (via the stage box snake). I could always buy 2 really long normal jack to jack cables to run from the keys to the desk (the desk is only side of stage) would this cause a problem? I’m trying to avoid having to buy a stereo DI if I can, but if I have to get one, I will.
    Thanks, Troy.

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    I’d use a DI – it’s not much more expensive than the longer cables, and reduces the chance of interference being picked up…

    If the jacks are actually balanced then a short adaptor cable will let you keep all of your long runs as XLR for convenience.

    Just reread, and you are talking about an analogue stage box… just get a DI – even relatively low cost ones will save an awful lot of effort…

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    2x yes:
    According to the Nord Stage Manual the outputs are line level and unbalanced.
    Use a DI to a) isolate stage ground from Qu ground, b) adapt for mic level and impedance expected on Qu side and c) use your analog snake.

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    Thanks guys,
    Looks like I’ll get the DI

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