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    Hi folks, looking for some help. I’m working with a theatre company that has new Avantis and an SQ5. The Avantis is in the control booth and the SQ5 is in the house and acts as a control surface for the Avantis so they could have a small contained mix position in the house.

    They are setup with an isolated network for Dante that has the Avantis, the SQ5, a few Shure receivers, and the playback computer. We’re trying to set up a “control network” completely separate from the Dante network that will allow us to network the playback computer (it has two ethernet ports), the projections computer, both consoles, and a wifi router together.

    When we plugged ethernet cables into the SQ5 and the Avantis network ports, they both got kicked off the Dante network and disappeared from Dante Controller. I found a setting in the SQ5 that allowed me to turn off the network bridge, so not the SQ5 is active in the Dante network and the control network. I can connect to it through the SQ Mixpad app.

    I can’t find this setting in the Avantis. I’ve tried plugging an ethernet cable into the Avantis’ on board network port, and into the control network port in the Dante card, but it gets kicked off the Dante network within a few minutes. if I reboot the console with something plugged into the Dante port and either network control port, The Avantis shows up in Dante Controller but then a few minutes later disappears again. If the Avantis is *only* plugged into the Dante network, it somehow still shows up in the Director app through the Dante port, which is good. But I would like to be able to connect to it from an iPad through the control network.

    How do I get the Avantis to show up in Dante AND connect it to a control network? Is there a network bridge setting that I’m missing like in the SQ5? Some other setting that I’m missing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The Avantis uses the dLive Dante card, which has its bridge control as a physical switch on the card between the primary and secondary ports.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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