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    I’m writing from the Contemporary Music & Technology Program at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC, Canada.

    In our performance theatre, we have the following system:

    – IDR-32 w REV 3 DANTE card
    – Allen & Heath T112 Console (FOH)
    – Allen & Heath GLD Console (Live Streaming Booth)
    – On-stage iMac w iLive Software
    – At FOH iMac with Dante Virtual Sound Card, DANTE Controller software and ProTools 12

    The IDR-32 is connected to T112 via ACE Out ethernet cable
    The IDR-32’s DANTE card connected to a data switch that feeds GLD console and FOH iMac via ethernet cable
    The IDR-32 is connected to the on-stage iMac via Network Out ethernet cable

    This configuration has allowed us to:

    – Mix in the room (IDR-32/T112/on-stage iMac)
    – Mix 2-track in the booth for live streaming
    – Record live to multi-track on ProTools via DANTE
    – Play multi-track ProTools sessions back through the T112 and the GLD via DANTE (which provides an awesome learning environment for my Live Sound students)

    The system has performed brilliantly and without a hitch for several years. Recently, there have been a couple of changes:

    1. The DANTE Controller software no longer detects the T112 as a device
    2. ProTools no longer detects DANTE as an available interface

    Everything else works fine. Live mixing with T112 via ACE, all as normal. Sound is reaching the GLD in booth, as normal.

    DANTE Controller sees and connects with the FOH iMac and the GLD Console as devices but not T112 Console.

    No network settings have changed and as far as I can tell, they are correct (they’ve certainly worked in the past). All versions of software and firmware are compatible.

    I’ve swapped out cables and taken the Data switch out of the equation with no success. I have not yet reinstalled the DANTE software, but could.

    It’s very hard for me to tell if this is a software or hardware-related issue and am feeling stuck. Any suggestions or assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated. As we have graduation recitals coming up, there is a degree of urgency to rectifying this.

    All suggestions welcome.



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    How are your IP adresses?

    1. The DANTE Controller software no longer detects the T112 as a device

    the T112 should not be a part of the DANTE Network anyway
    can you connect a Laptop with DANTE controller directly to the M-DANTE Card?

    2. ProTools no longer detects DANTE as an available interface

    did the IP adresses changed in any way?

    is there a WIFI involved?

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    If I read the initial post correctly, you have Dante controller and Protools installed on an iMac.
    Have you recently updated the iMac software? I have read of problems in other control systems(ie lighting control) caused by recent IOS updates.
    Did you recently update the Protools software?
    Check your Dante Virtual Soundcard software, make sure the service is started…. I’ve that happen on our recording PC more times than I can count. We have it set for automatic start when the computer boots, but sometimes the program doesn’t start, even though the Dante controller starts just fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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