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    Hey Guys.
    I couldnt find a Topic about it so i hope its ok to open a new one.

    I have the Macbook Air with M1 Chip and cannot use my Xone K2 with it.
    Im a Professional DJ and Producer and i need the K2s for my Performances.

    It is so annoying that you cant use the K2s with this Machines.
    I would like to know from Allen & Heath if they are still working on a Solution for this or if they already gave up on it !?
    In this case i would have to return the M1 Macbook to the Reseller i bought it from because it makes no Sense for me owning this Machine then.

    So A&H… will there be a Fix or anything ? Are you still investigating or working on it ? I really need to know.

    Thanx !


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    I am in the same situation

    My midi set up is based in two xone k2 alongside another two midi controllers.
    So this situation FORCED ME TO STOP MY SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE UPDATE, and I keep going to my gigs with the old computer hoping one day A&H will give a solution, but nothing happens and it’s becoming a problem.

    Please Allen & Heath SAY SOMETHING.
    Thanks in advance

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    I am lucky, i found a Solution for my Problem. Maybe it helps anyone here reading this Topic using a Xone 96 Mixer aswell.

    I have 2 Xone K2, im using them with a Xone 96 DJ Mixer.

    When u connect the first K2 via XLink to the Xone 96 Mixer, the Controller will be powered by the Mixer and turns on.
    This way it will be reconized by the M1 Mac aswell, in my case in the Traktor Software.
    Please note that you have to go to the Traktor Preferences/Controller Setup and go into your K2 Mappings, there you must select the Xone 96 In and Output to make the K2’s work properly.

    I connected a second LAN Cable from the first K2 to the Input of the second K2, this Controller will also be powered thru the Mixer and is gonna be reconized by the Traktor Software. When you turn on the Mixer, both K2 switching on too. Thats pretty cool.

    Heres one thing i absolutely dont like about this Method:
    When you gonna use ur Setup this way keep in Mind that you always have to turn on the Mixer first and Traktor after that ! Because when Traktor is already running and you turn the Mixer and K2’s on, the Traktor functionality will not be available on the Controllers, lights will not come up and Button Pushes will not be recognized. I dont know why it behaves like that. It sucks.

    So to clarify things:

    Connect both K2’s via XLink to the Xone 96 Mixer and connect the K2’s to each other with another LAN Cable, turn the 96 and the K2’s on by pushing the Power Switch of the 96 and after that start up the Traktor Software. Dont forget to set the In and Output Ports of your K2 Mappings in Traktor to the Xone 96 ! This way you will have your Traktor Equipment running on the M1 Mac like it did before. You are keeping USB-C Ports free aswell because you are not connecting the K2’s to this Ports anymore.

    BUT Allen & Heath, PLEASE, give us Information or provide a fix for this Problem. I want to have the Freedom to decide myself if i connect the Controllers to the USB Ports or not.
    And not everybody has a Xone 96 Mixer with XLink Function.

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    I had the same problem with my new Mac M1 and Xone K2.
    the only way to fix it was was updating the K2 firmware on my old mac with High Sierra.
    Once Updated it worked perfect for me in M1.
    I hope it helps you.

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