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    Hello! I’m working with my Avantis at my church. Generally, it does well. However, at times, completely randomly, it seems like all the microphones (no instruments) begin to have a random crackling sound only when spoken through. It almost sounds like having a really low buffer size in a DAW, so it doesn’t sound so much “analog” per se, rather, quite digital in nature. I have to mention that some mics are wireless, most are wired, and none are exempt from this crackling.

    In addition to that, the REAL brain teaser here, is that I’ve got a few talk back mics in the band that are not sent to house, only to in ears. And during those crackling moments, it sounds like those mics leak into the house somehow!! How is that even possible? I quadruple checked them and verified that they are not sent ANYWHERE except the IEMs. This is further verified by the fact that during normal operation, they are heard nowhere except the ears.

    Any thoughts on this?


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    We need more information about your setup.

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    That isn’t normal behavior and I struggle to even think of a way that could happen. Therefore I would suggest you contact the official A&H support (via the official website) and/or the distributor for your country. They can help you troubleshoot the problem. It’s possible it’s a hardware/software issue that you aren’t going to fix yourself, in which case you’ll need to work with the distributor to get it repaired.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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