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    It would be helpfull to freely assign input sockets to input channels or freely assign bus outputs to output sockets.
    There are a lot of good reasons to do that. let me tell you three of them

    I am using the CQ in my home environment. The audio cable to my monitoring system uses TRS jacks for the input. I want to send the PAFL Bus to two TRS sockets, lets say 5/6.

    Because there is no way to send the PAFL bus to any of the output sockets, I am currently use the Main bus, but if there I need some adapter from XLR to TRS. Easier would be when I can freely assign the Main bus to any output sockets.

    sometimes you need different processing for the same Input, e-g a Microphone which is used for Tenor and SomparanoSaxophon, Tenor saxophone and flute, Vocal and blues harp…. Then It would be ea good idea to use the same input socket as a source for two channels to run different setups for that two instruments

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