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    Let’s say I setup a USER to have access to a specific scene. Let’s forget about permissions at this point. I just want that user to log on with his PW and only be able to work on one scene.

    I have several scenes assigned to softkeys. In this case Soft 1-7.

    If I try to change scenes with the screen recall functions in SCENES I am greeted with the prompt that I don’t have access or permission to do that.

    But……if I use the softkeys they change and work. Same with Soft 8 that I have assigned to NEXT scene. Only screen recall seems to be the secure method. So this allows the USER full access.

    Am I correct here or not doing something right in the USER setup or whatever to keep this from happening?

    I did not search out to see if this has ever been addressed. Security is a HUGE thing with several potential customers for the GLD…

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions…

    GLD 80

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    So this allows the USER full access.

    Not exactly. You have given them full access by having them recall a scene where those other scenes are assigned and available. The solution is simply remove those softkey assignments from the scene that loads on their login.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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