iLive needs Something like Presonus’s QMix app!

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    Check out Presonus’s new QMix personal monitor control app for iPhone/Touch/iPad. Looks realy slick with the ability to lock users to just a single Aux(or more)plus a more “ME” function with clever scroll wheel when device is rotated vertically – and it’s free!

    Something like that for iLive would be great! What do ya all think?


    Richard Howey
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    +1! I agree, it would be perfect if something similar could be done!

    regards …… joe

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    me rate this AAA+ ugaah


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    The new Q-Mix of course is a nice implementation for personal monitoring features, but it presumes everybody has got an iPod/iPhone/iPad, the WLAN @2.4Ghz is reliable in the location, and the musicians/artists are familiar with app! I personally don’t like GSM-phones/devices on stage during show-time.

    GLD comes with an AVIOM compatible port, no idea about the details A&H wants to go. But we’ll see more soon, I guess.

    And in my opinion it is not a question of what kind of fancy products can be developed, but what is the real need of semi-pro and professional (musician/artist and rental) market.

    @A&H, looking forward to your statement!


    Günter Eisbach
    Darmstadt / Germany

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    I’m with Gunter on this. Giving control of WEDGE monitors to musicians is pretty dangerous in the least, even if they are locked to their own mixes. The only good results I have ever seen with this approach to monitor mixing was with an established group, all on wireless in-ears using an analog monitor mixer, and they still have regular issues.

    I regularly use digital wireless mics (Line 6) that operate in the 2.4 Gig range, and I can assure you that there will be serious issues with any wifi in that range. I MUST operate Editor and Mixpad in the 5 Gig range when these mics are on.

    Tim Tyler
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    now there’s a reason out on the mixbutton for midicontrol …

    maybe ……

    cheers ……. joe

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    A&H MUST do this before everybody does it.
    This is a highly regarded feature for the Church Market.
    Check this out:
    A&H CAN do this without any additional hardware; just another iPad app.


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    Like he said, playing angry birds capability is soooo important

    I hope AH catch up soon.

    Go wheel of me…forget the tweak … but don’t forget the cute kittens

    Seriously .. +1 Tim and Gunter


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    +1 that is after you get the multiband comp and dyn eq going…

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    Totally! I had hoped that the tweak app would do this sort of thing, but I was sad to find out that it didn’t.

    Please implement this on the iphone/ipod interface. They are cheaper and more prevalent than iPads. The musicians don’t need a huge screen, just enough to tweak their mix or turn themselves up.


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    Never give musicians control to their monitor level …. you will never find out who´s feedbackin. “I cant hear myself” is probably gone but sure your stage monitors will clip all time… nice sound :-)
    This kind of system is only usable with inEar.

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    What about making a PlaNet device for the purpose? Roland’s made a nice solution:

    Jukka “Pitkä” Kurkela
    Äänimaisema Oy, Finland
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    +1 for the PLANet device

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    Theres no need for another pointless stupid app.

    Everytime they dedicate resources to something like this it means that less resources are available for real things like hardware developments.

    Personally all these ‘toy gimmicks’ i could do without.
    Just give me a console that wont ever crash, and the support available to help me if it ever did fall over.

    I would rather have control over a stage than musicians that dont know about mic technique let alone ringing out wedges whilst they perform.

    What next? Are we all going to start begging the developers for the ability to watch television on out surface screen, just because some crappy consumer desk that nobody’s heard of has decided to integrate this feature into theirs???

    We aint talking about a toy here people!

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