iLive needs Something like Presonus’s QMix app!

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    i have the i pad – thought at the beginning i d use it for running small events but had to “downgrade” it for setting up and soundcheck where it is very cool standing beside a musician (you dont know him therefore he does not trust you) setting up his wedge – bulding confidence.
    setting up wedges with the rta showing the frequencies is really a timesaver.
    but as soon the crowd comes in with tons of cellphones wireless is not reliable enough – it is somehow but not enough – when i am running a show i want to listen and mix – i dont want to think about ” is this or that still working”.

    i even went back (except for lead voacals) from wireless to wired in ear – less batteries
    less misshandled recievers by musicians -less bullturds…..


    allways latest firm and software
    iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/

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    Nicola A&H


    Originally posted by steffenromeiss

    +1 for the PLANet device

    Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that PL devices can already be configured to control a particular monitor mix. Buttons on a PL-10 or PL-6 can be assigned to recall partial scenes or PL libraries and make the device ‘swap’ between different layers or banks when more than 8 levels are required.

    See an example here:

    Clearly PL-Anet does not carry any audio, but the application in conjunction with wedges or in-ears is straightforward.


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    Thanx Nicola for the reply, but still would the dedicated device be useful too…

    R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16, Dante

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    I totally agree does anyone actually mix the sound anymore it seems everyone just into programming and toys im old school and find these days its just become who’s the cleverest comp nerd.


    Originally posted by GuenterEisbach

    The new Q-Mix of course is a nice implementation for personal monitoring features, but it presumes everybody has got an iPod/iPhone/iPad, the WLAN @2.4Ghz is reliable in the location, and the musicians/artists are familiar with app! I personally don’t like GSM-phones/devices on stage during show-time.

    GLD comes with an AVIOM compatible port, no idea about the details A&H wants to go. But we’ll see more soon, I guess.

    And in my opinion it is not a question of what kind of fancy products can be developed, but what is the real need of semi-pro and professional (musician/artist and rental) market.

    @A&H, looking forward to your statement!


    G√ľnter Eisbach
    Darmstadt / Germany

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