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    Hi there,

    a function I miss is a “delay-panning”.

    I don´t like level pans much to use live, because the crowd in front of one PA-tower hears only the hi-toms for example ….(we all know this problem)

    With iLive I got the possibility to route an input to two stripes and delay one a little (let´s say 1-20ms)

    Great for Acoustic-Guitars and so on – the sound gets really wide
    (remember Frank Haas Law of first Wavefront…)

    But it takes several time to configure these stripes on the fly an I have to use two faders/stripes at all

    If there would be the ability to do this with the pan-knob it would be great – what do you think? It should effect for example a delay of max 20ms left or right.

    Tricky would be the routing, if you need a mono-mixout for fills – but it would be solveable I think.

    Let me hear your opinion!


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    funny we just discussed this today during a soundcheck – my opinion (personal indeed) in full consequence, one would need all the channels of instruments (or lets say the stuff wich is loud enough on stage)
    in stereo (two channels)-just for the panning (i have the drummer standing stage left therefore i need for “oh left” one delay to the left front and one to the right front and so on)allthough
    already with monochannels (normal setting) the channel delay helps a lot (i think it is one of the main advantages of digital mixing)specially in bad rooms on REALLY hears the difference.
    i mentiooned before in a thread- a good thing would be having a “relative delay” ganging option,there one could gang the drums once and set for different stage sizes only the bassdrum and all the other assigned channels would follow in relative mode ( bd is set to 1m snare is on 1.2m – i change the bd to 2m the snare follows up to 2.2m).iknow a workaround would be a group but i dont want groups anymore.
    your idea is great but could cause confusion-many engineers still dont have any idea what i am talking about (usually i say: ok “the speaker waits till the sound of the snare arrives at the speakers positon”)


    allen&heath iLive-144 /idr 64 / idr 48 (i am convinced audionate is not delivering coz i am a frank zappa fan)

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    Hi all,

    [:)]for the ‘pan’ delay.

    Implemeted in the normal channel pan screen, would be perfect.
    In this way you free up the subgroups en make the setup very simple.
    (Like the way you designed the parallelcompression, nice!).

    We were even thinking on a delay at the crosspoints (as TiMAX does…).
    That would me even more flexible, but a think a little bit DSP consuming.
    Maybe an option to give up some effects, to have more resources for the delay option?

    A simple ‘Pan’ delay would be fine as start [;)]


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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