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    When selecting the MIX button on a matrix in editor, the channel ON buttons should not be visible to reflect that they are not routable to the matrix. Would make it more intuitive. Otherwise, you have to look at the block diagram to remind yourself of what is routable to the matrix.

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    Never known a channel input be routable to a matrix on any other desk, some matrices have an external inputs though.
    Usually it is just outputs either groups or mains that will route to a matrix I believe.So is it not reasonable to leave the “channel on” indicator lit as this does tell you the channel is operational.

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    You can route inputs to matrices on Digico desks… so I agree with Paul.


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    On Yamaha too!

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    I think that’s Yamaha who confused DCA, subgroups and everything in one big mess. On yamaha DCA mute would not mute PRE AUXes. iLive is designed to have most “analog” interface, so I acts like any analog desk would do. So Matrix can receive signals only from buses, not inputs. And that is good, no confusion here.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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