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I am sorry Graham isnt happy with the compressor in manual mode.

In manual mode we have designed an efficent compressor with minimal distortion and pumping as requested. Its designed to react quickly to large gain reduction changes but not generate pumping and HF distortion like some digital compressors do. It should enable the engineer to create gain reduction and then wind in make up gain without artifacts or colouration – ‘default manual mode’ like an Amek RupertNeve 9098 and the dbx 286. This was the brief for the default manual mode, not a 160 sound or a bomb factory. We seem to have had a lot of positive feedback for this so far.

Then in auto mode we have created some models (not enough i agree!)
If you want an rms based sound similar to ‘160’ sound try the auto mode ‘tight rms’. If you want a compressor suited to vocal try the auto mode ‘vocal’.
We have had some engineers not find the auto modes on the interface. maybe we need to change the interface for this ?

Graham is right we need to create more models… and maybe some live guys want 160’s everywhere – certainly useful on percusion and bass.

160 has been requested very regularly and although our tight rms is similar there are differences which I can look at for future software release.
We are also interested in parallel compression to add some transient HF back into a heavy thick compressed sound.

We will introduce more emulations in future, meanwhile please be patient and tell us what compressors you like.
All feedback welcome.