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just received my IDR-32 today and am trying to connect to MixRack only with my PowerPC G4 Powerbook running Leopard 10.5.8. I seem to recognize the MixRack but then I have the problem where once I click “OK” to advance nothing happens. I’m thinking about going back to Tiger anyway b/c the Powerbook is a bit more sluggish and testy in Leopard but otherwise still works great. I was planning to wait a year before I get a new laptop so I would love to see if this one will work…plus when I do get a new one this one might become dedicated to the MixRack for monitors (I run a 144 and IDR-10 FOH). Anyone here have success running a MixRack with a PowerPC Powerbook that can give me hope?

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M. Jason Pruzin
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