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    Hi, I own a Zedi 10fx but I can’t find in the manual how to connect an iPad as input and how to records its output.

    A Camera kit is needed, but I can’t find further information. Can someone shed some light please?


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    You have not stated what model iPad you have or are intending to use?
    Zedi10fx is a 4×4 USB.
    You will need a camera kit preferably one with a power slot as well as the feed from you mixer.
    You will need some form of multitrack software on you ipad.
    I use a Zed10fx which is a 2 track USB and Filmic Pro software or app on the ipad and it works extremely well.
    Lots of experimentation.
    Not sure what forum you need to go to to find your answer.
    Good luck

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    there is no dedicated forum for analog desks or DJ gear

    Maybe Facebook is a good place to ask?
    Or you can open a support ticket…


    I think they’re glad to help you from the home office 😉

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    Thank you for your replies, I have a 10.2″ 7th Gen one. I may be dumb, but I find hard to understand the process. Still, I have to buy the camera cable. Before that, I want to be sure to not spend money for nothing. I’ll get eventually in touch with the support.

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    You’re at the start of a journey 🙂
    You might have success with garage band if you have it installed already on your ipad?
    The thing is… iPads use batteries and recording apps run the batteries down quite quickly.
    So if you could source a camera adaptor that fits your iPad but ALSO has an input on the adaptor so you can maintain the battery level.
    And then you can just use an easy to get USB lead. Same as some printers use.
    Hope this helps.

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    Yes, I use GarageBand successfully and I can play with some apps at the same time. That’s not the issue, since I can also bounce/export all the sounds.

    My aim is to play the iPad as a live instrument and record it. Anyway, I just ordered this cable: https://www.apple.com/shop/product/MD821AM/A/lightning-to-usb-camera-adapter

    I think I will plug the iPad in another USB compliant audio interface which I own, and then to route the out signal into the mixer as stereo input.

    Let’s see.

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