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    I’m a newbie to the board and have a question. My problem seems simple but maybe I’m missing something not totally sure.

    We have a live daily radio program and we send our audio through a mixer to the station via a Comrex Bric Link. We get the return audio from the station, which contains music they play for us and callers, which in part we use for a Live YouTube channel. So we need two mixes. One mix to the station with only what we send and the other mix for YouTube, which includes part of the return along with the rest of the mix.

    The question is how we do that with this board? I was thinking of using the AuxOut to include the station mix and route the return back as part of the main mix (maybe channel 3 or 4). Would that work? Then we would have the two separate mixes without feedback.

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    Mike C

    Do you use the FX in the mixer?

    If not here’s a few ways…..
    – You can use the FX sends out as a post fade aux output, the aux is pre fade.
    Those would give you two independent mix outs.
    – Use the main outs as one mix and either the FX sends mix or aux mix depending
    if a pre or post fade second mix works better for you.
    – Use both the Left and Right main outputs each as a separate mix, and then use the
    pan controls to send the inputs to one mix or the other or both depending on
    the position of the channel pan control.
    In that case both mixes are post fade.

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    Thanks so much Mike for the response, I’m still getting used to this board and am coming from a Mackie which is bit different. I didn’t realize all of the possibilities with this board. Very much appreciated!

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