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    hi, I wonder when you will upload the new drivers for Catalina and Big Sur to still using my XONE 4D,
    sone can help me to use Traktor Pro 3 and XONE 4D in 2020?
    thank you

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    Alan F.

    Im waiting for it too
    thank you

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    I need it too, xone 4D is the only reason i don’t upgrade mi mac but now, for some reason i must upgrade it

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    im selling my xonen4d against my will, I spend a lot of money to buy this beast and now it is kind of obsolete. I can’t believe that Allen and heat don’t respond my emails so I decided to sell the unit and but a friking controller

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    Allen and Heath has a serious staffing issue with their firmware/software division. We have been waiting over 15 months for a particular software/firmware update on the Avantis. DLive just got a firmware release in the last couple of days, but it has been 17 months since their previous firmware release.

    I don’t understand what the problem is either. They use to be very good about updates, but recently have gotten terrible about them. Some might say it is the pandemic, but clearly the issues start before the start of the pandemic (which hasn’t even been a year yet). Plus software engineers should be some of the easiest people to transition to “work at home”. It might be that some key people left the company. I don’t know, but it is a problem company wide and it really needs to be fixed.

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    OK, so the DLive has been updated several times over the last 17 months. My mistake. I’d edit my original post but must have just passed the time allowed to do that.

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    Can Allen and Heath tell me if there is a problem with Xone 4D drivers on Windows 10? I can only update my firmware to 1.4 and later won’t let me.

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    no they can’t dude… They just wanna earn more money with their china crap. Its a shame Allen and Heath!
    I paid 2000,- € for that shit which explodes after 4 weeks. the 2nd device exploded also. and then there was even a 3rd one exploding… Just crap! Cause they safe some cents on capacitors… so stupid.
    How can it be helpful for the brand, to shit on their customers… i dont get it…

    Why your drivers will not work in Windows 10 ???
    Piece of shit.

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    you got that right
    win10 is the biggest POS ever inflicted on users

    why not just replace the caps in the first one with better ones instead of buying two more brand new devices

    you need to look at the win10 for problems as there are a boatload of secret settings that need fixing to run any driver the way you want it with audio gear

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    At this point the next version of Mac OS will be released and we’ll be two years behind. If I could I’d sell my db4 but no one wants this junk now that I won’t work with modern operating systems.

    It was fun while it lasted I guess. Never purchasing an Allen & Heath product again.

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    Come on Allen & Heath it’s impossible to run the Xone:4D on any Apple computer newer than 2019.

    To have to throw the Xone:4D in the scrap heap because the drivers can not be updated in not environmentally friendly. It wastes resources and is bad for the planet.

    I have synths from the 1980’s in my setup that are still going strong. Allen & Heath hardware is arguably better quality than anything Roland produced ever! If we can still use 1980’s synths in music performance, we should be able to use relatively modern mixers to control them.

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    That will be “a shame for A&H” in the future.

    We all believed on their devices and support.
    They made money.
    Forgot “Why worked”
    Changed mentality
    Since them: Less devices quality, less customer service, less support
    less (premium) product continuation (We aren’t talking about cheap shit)

    Equal? Less sells, less clubs with a Xone on the pult (Once ago a Xone:92 was obigated).
    Less clubs having it? Then less festivals too.
    Less public aparition? Less “hobby sells”.

    They ask their self “Why Pioneer and Denon grown so fast”?
    Well, check your own history.
    That’s sadly the beginning of the end.

    R.Hawtin launched his own with the PlayDiferrently Series moving out from the A&H environment….

    Look the Native Instruments mentality: Plug an Play where possible.
    My Traktor Audio 10 works like a charm after how many years and how many systems?

    I would like to test a X:96, but I’m sure I’m not going to buy another A&H Mixer.

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    Ah, I forgot:

    And as IT Specialist I’ll must to update my mac whenever, what I didn’t ONLY because of these driver.

    I co-founded a DJ Cllective in Germany in 2019 and I’m the unique dummy stucking on a Software piece because of my mixer (and the unique don’t sold his Xone to move to another brand)

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    Please, do a little effort and release the drivers for Catalina at least. We did an effort on buying such an expensive beast which is a brick without the drivers.

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    If it’s a dead antiquated product please release source code.

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