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    Hello all, im hoping to find some help regarding a second hand Xone 43 mixer I purchased not long ago.
    I am mainly having troubles with the headphone Cue section.
    So, the volume, cue-mix knobs and headphone jacks both 3.5mm and standard seem to be functioning as the should. Master out, Booth, Rec, filter and resonance all in working order.
    But to get a channel to cue through the headphones I must go through and press the “ch.on”, “cue” on the microphone input (no mic is being used) and sometimes a random assortment of “Cue” buttons on the channels and eventually manage to get it working periodically (sometimes for the whole session, other times only for a few mixes before I must repeat the process to get the Cue to run through to the headphones). However, there is no pattern/specific button or switch to get sound through it’s always a different selection.

    Also, it appears the send FX (without any ext. FX being plugged in will act as a trim on each channel) main trim function works as it should.
    From time to time I also lose proper functionality of 1-2 channels and have to power down the mixer or swap which channels I am using. Again this issue happens periodically and in no specific pattern.

    I work as a Technik (lighting as well as basic audio patching wiring etc.) so I opened up the mixer to check for any obvious signs of wear and do a clean of the faders etc. Internally the mixer was very clean. But it has been previously “repaired” the internal printed circuit board is actually from the Xone 43C range (which usually has an internal soundcard) so I assume that this has been replaced.

    I was wondering if the issue I may be getting is due to the mixer not having the internal soundcard when it sends to the outputs?
    Or could it likely be an error with the input routing from an audio interface?

    Hardware for ref.
    Motu 8a (previously used a cheap audio interface and had the same problem)
    Currently just running through a Mac with both Traktor and Rekordbox and have had cdjs connected from time to time and receiving the same issue.

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