Why not have Custom Layers part of Scenes?

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    I confess to being a rookie with all this stuff and have inherited a system at church consisting of a Qu-Pac and Qu-Pad. I use the Qu-Pad exclusively for control so all my comments pertain to it. It is an impressive app! I finally understand (I think) how the 3 Custom Layers work. Since in my case the inputs (Custom 1, 2, 3 fader strips) are always associated with a particular scene, I am surprised that each scene cannot specify 1 (or more) Custom Layers. The 3 Custom Layers are global and apply equally to each scene. We can have 100 scenes but only a total of 3 Custom Layers.

    In my case each church service has different inputs so I have to select a particular scene and then separately select the Custom Layer that corresponds to it. I would think that each scene should be able to define which fader strips are displayed.


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    Mike C

    The custom layers are set up an stored within the app………that said you can set
    the app so that custom layer one will follow the custom layer that is set up on the mixer.

    Go to the QU Pad app settings in the iPad settings menu and there is the option for custom layer one to follow the mixers custom layer.

    The mixer custom layer will follow the scene recalls, it sounds like you would need to re save the scenes with a mixer custom layer set up in each one.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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