WHEN SQ DEEP PROCESSING will be available?

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    Hi there, I would love to have a feedback on when A&H is planning to integrate on full scale the Deep Processing technology. The Tube Preamp emulation is cool but, in fairness, is the least of the Plug in an Engineer would need. What kind of Plug ins are you planning to make and how are you going to sell them (bundles, singles, packs etc)
    I and, I suppose, all the owners of an SQ desk, would love feedback on this topic.
    Secondarily, there will be a Multi band compressor available?

    Thanks a Lot and keep the good work up!

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    Hi i agree with Superorko, we have no Information what kind of Plugs planning ?? When they are ready for us ?


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    They won’t tell. At least no details. If I read it right it’s because they don’t want to be nailed down on specifics and dates. In my opinion that is not a good policy, because actual customers start feeling left alone and some potential customers see it as a sign to put their money elsewhere if they need to buy new gear. It’s hard to see what’s missing, what other competitors already offer, but getting the feeling “nothing” moves. We all know what the dLive can do, how it sounds and how fast it is, we all know SQ is based on the same technology, so there’s vast potential. Potential to be thru and thru the best mixer in its price range… but nobody saying “yes, all that power will be available”. Let’s wait for the 1.3…

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    As far as i know, the dante card wil be august, v1.3 q3, i think also august so the update for the dante card is in it.

    The r&d department has a lot of work to fix some bugs, solve some problems (libary manager) ad some more features, developing the dante, waves and slink card.

    The offline editor, there was written that it will take a long time, so next year or somewhere.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey all,

    A lot of the work for the Dante option card was added in V1.2 and finalised in V1.2.2. The first Dante cards will be shipping out to distributors shortly.
    You’re correct that we don’t want to be tied down to dates, as things can always change, though the plan is for these big releases (V1.3, SLink card, the next DEEP processing units) to all go through testing and be out around the end of August into September.

    The first plugins will be the major compressors and GEQ’s.

    I understand it is somewhat frustrating, but we don’t want customers to feel alone or stranded.
    You can always get in contact with us for up to date information, and when we have finalised details on a product/app/firmware, we let everyone know publicly.
    And when it comes to firmware releases, as I have said elsewhere, we release asap after it passes test (sometimes within a few hours!), but if it fails the last test, it will not be released, and have to go back for fixes.

    Thanks for your understanding 🙂


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    The major compressor like Opto and Peak76? This will be interesting, do hopes on multiband compressor to be included too on next firmware.

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