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    We save channels to the channel library in order to reuse them in their entirety.
    Saved channels are problematic in the sense that all is not saved and the channel name is not easily recovered.
    Channels, for our workflow, represent one of many specific vocalist or instruments. To swap out a vocalist channel for another, the channel strip is highlighted, and the channel library is opened. The replacement channel is selected, but “the name of the channel does not replace the existing highlighted channel” to be replaced. The user has to retype the channel name that is replacing the highlighted channel, otherwise, you have a new channel replaced in the strip with the replaced (old) channels name. If you would make the channel name sticky (or option for sticky name), then this would not be necessary. In addition, the D-Pack tools, such as the Dyn-8 settings are not saved with the channel in the channel library. Neither is the aux out fader setting associated with the channel. Very much prone to user error.

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    I made this same basic request as well. I’ve been using Avid desks for over a decade and when recalling a channel, all aspects are recalled including routing to various busses (monitor auxes, fx sends, groups, DCAs, etc) along with the name. It’s very frustrating that such a logical feature is missing from these desks. I can setup a show from scratch with an Avid desk and my channel presets in a couple of minutes before soundcheck once I have the input list. With Avantis, I takes 10x longer…

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    I’d like this too.

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    I too was a long time avid user who converted and was very surprised to not be able to save and store all of a channel’s info as well as copy and paste.

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    Chris Irwin

    +1 I would like the name to recall. And the dPack inserts (dyn8, de-Esser, etc). Those are part of the channel.

    I sometimes don’t want the auxes to recall (though sometimes I do), maybe some of these things could be set as a “filter” that chooses whether or not to recall it, just like the preamp currently is. And then by default have everything set to recall (having to toggle on the preamp setting every time I turn on the console drives me crazy!).

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    Tatsuya Nakamura


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    +1. I don’t actually necessarily care too much about name/color, but other parameters like routing would be very very (very) useful.

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