What would be a way to recover when using WAVES inserts?

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    Hi community,
    I have a waves soundgrid but only one impact server and have not been able to find another matching unit to be its standby. I feel fairly comfortable running informal recording sessions with just one server but I’m nervous about udoimng so on a live show, especially when processing via inserts in case I lose signal if there is an issue.
    (It seems very stable but…)

    Obviously, I could
    – Just not use it until I find a standby
    – Only use it on bus / aux sends to minimise any loss

    But a pro I worked with recently said that what people do is make a scene that turns off the (patched) inserts on the desk.
    I can’t work out the least impact way to set up and save scenes with the inserts turned off that I could recall. It would be amazing if there were a Global Filter just on the Insert setting that I could BLOCK but seems there is not. (Perhaps there is on DLive?)

    Perhaps I’m thinking about this the wrong way?
    Thank you

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    Hey bud,

    Been trying to sort out a solution for this as well. Best i came up with was using QLAB along side waves and basically having an ‘oh shit’ button.

    I’ve uploaded my file which youre welcome to use. Basically each command sends a HEX code over network to the console and tells that channel to turn off the insert. The file includes all the inputs, groups, auxes etc etc however i would recommend tailoring the file to your specific channels because when you use the function to turn all the inserts back ON, it will turn on inserts for channels that dont have active routing and will sever the signal path.

    You’ll also need a paid version of QLAB as the Network Cues aren’t unlocked on the free version. Screenshot is the network settings i used in QLAB.


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    Wow – BH.. thank you.. that’s very cool. I will try to get my head round that. The more I learn about Live Sound the more I realise how much I don’t yet know 🙂
    Thank you

    I might need to bite the bullet on paid Qlab and learn it properly- the “rent to own” feature seems a very cool model– (though QLab is not very cheap for a semi-pro on a budget..)
    Thanks BH- much appreciated.


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