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    What is going on with the avantis. All we have at the moment is a very expensive dust cover (and from what I read that sadly is more than most!).

    Please show that you actually care about your customers and tell us what is going on. Excitement has turned into extreme disappointment and I am seriously looking into getting a refund for the equipment that was ordered.

    Delays are normal and can be accepted if explained, but not telling people what is going on is not on, but giving a lame corporate nonsensical answer is worse as you are treating people who actually like your brand as mugs and is a fast track to losing money

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    Why are you asking this here?
    Ask your dealer or distributor… that is the source for relevant information for you

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    Mine was already at the distributors warehouse and packed for shipping last week. He called me and explained the delay due to a problem they found with the metalwork on the console. They identified the problem, but need to produce the new part. So I’d rather wait for a couple weeks and can then use my console for the coming festival season then having a console that comes up with an issue because i received it before it was thoroughly tested. I know it is frustrating, but i had the first SQ in switzerland when it came out. The distributor is your partner!

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    I also have been waiting a while.. was told today another 4 to 6 weeks .. Bummer

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