what is best way to autogain a shared mic for soft voices

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    Hi, I am trying to figure out how I could set up some sort of auto gain for a mic that is shared between loud and soft spoken speakers.

    Does AMM have a way to automatically add gain to one mic to reach a certain level? How do you guys handle that? Currently I am using the free compressor, would the DPack compressor help?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Normal done by skilled audio engineer.

    You can do something with compression.


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    Mike C

    If you mean gain as in mixer input channel gain/trim, no auto control that I know of.

    In general I’m not sure I would want auto input gain staging on a mixer, with some inputs you would be chasing after the level changes / dynamic range that was intended from an instrument or vocalist. If there was such a thing I would want to be able to turn it off.

    In the case of soft spoken speaker something automatically adding a lot gain could lead
    to feedback issues, any sound system will feedback is enough gain is applied to it.

    As Showtime said compression will help tame the loud talker but that is taking place
    after the channel input gain.

    And as mentioned a skilled audio engineer with hands on faders and knobs. More than
    once I’ve had my hands on the channel gain and fader at the same time during shared mic
    speaking events or for the times when the person speaking is all over the place in there
    speaking level.

    Keep in mind if this is wireless mic you need to find a mid way transmitter gain level
    that will work for most people speaking generally based on what the loudest mic input will be. Some new digital wireless mics have a very wide input level range so transmitter gain is less of an issue.

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    I agree that the best way is to have fingers on the console, but for some of our smaller events we don’t have anyone at the console.

    do you think i would gain anything with the D-Pack compressor over the free compressor for speech?

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