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    I use a A&H QU16 for live music, but before and after the show I Leave music playing for the PC, but I would like to pass it directly from a flash drive. I have already tried converting the files to WAV and are recognized by the sound table. The problem is that they don’t give sound, and when they give it’s just “noise/roar”.

    Does anyone know any software to convert correctly or know how can I convert mp3 to pass in QU16?

    Thank you

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    I’d use a dedicated mp3-player of sorts if I were you but if you’re set on the usb thing your best bet would be to re-record your mp3’s by plugging your current computer into the desk and then making a stereo-recording of it. I doubt if a track that has been converted from WAV to MP3 and then back to WAV is going to give you a satisfying result though….

    Anyway, Good luck !


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    There are anumber of “Gotchas” in playing WAV files on QU

    a)Is the samples/sec & sample size correct – 44.1KHz or 48KHz 16 or 24 bit

    b) Only a WAV element in the RIFF file

    c)In the correct folder on the USB

    d)Having the correct filename format.

    MP3 is a lossy compression although a WAV-ed MP3 might be adequate for your “background” purpose.

    Its most likely overkill but we use a Denon 400Z medi player for WAV, CD etc input.


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    Converting audio files to .wav with iTunes works flawlessly for me:)

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